Thursday, February 22, 2018

A day at at the beach.

Sometimes Winter plays mean tricks on you like keeping the temperature below freezing and adding a wind chill.  Brr.  Sometimes Winter is beary nice to you and for some odd reason the weather gets up in the 50s on a weekend.
My goal is to get to this beach.
Before I begin my journey I decided to wander around the parking lot.  The weather was amazing and some great views from the parking lot.
The sound of the beach.  Such a calming sound for a little fox.  
Enough chit chat, let's get hiking. The trail is  muddy.    
There are some good resting stops along the route. 
Ah, I am getting closer. 
The rocks in the ocean are really cool. 
Getting closer.
I made it to the beach! Yes!!!!
My roommates said that the waterfall was our lunch spot. Looks like a great spot. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Jerry, I don't know how many times I need to tell you but PLEASE keep your snow in your state.
Your Friend, Little Fox

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Head West my friend

The Olympic Peninsula is a great place.  One of the things that's cool about the Peninsula is that you can drive to the westernmost part of the continental United States.  Sounds like an adventure for a little fox. 

Ah, to get to the westernmost point you must take a trail to Cape Flattery.  I'm in. 
What nice weather. 
Boardwalks are always helpful.  They help keep fur clean. 
I am getting close.  They had lots of viewpoints along the way. 
Do you recognize those mountains Sandy?  It's Canada!
More secret coves. 
The view at the cape is amazing.
 Looks like there is an island out there with a lighthouse.  I wonder if they offer tours?
Lunch with a view. 
Now that I am refueled I think there might be more areas to explore on the peninsula.  Lake Crescent Lodge (on Lake Crescent) is a cool looking place.  They have all sorts of rooms, cabins, and places to hang out. 
Wow, this lake is really cool. 
Sequoia loves playing in the water. 
What a day.  I think it's time for this fox to relax.  Who wants a drink? 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Back in the game, the adventuring game that is.

Hello Blog Pals,
I rested and "found' Little Fox at the helm of the blog.  I rested a few weeks back at home and then decided it was time to wrangle my roommates and take them on a trip.  No, we are not camping in January (that would be ridiculous). However, we did a stop at this campground to do a hike.
The river is in great shape. 

The falls look pretty darn good too. 
Even though it was a short hike this fox is getting hungry.  Time to head into town.  The nearest town was Port Townsend, Washington.  It's a nice little town, lots of old buildings and places to explore. 
Port Townsend was suited to be the next big city sometime in the late 19th century.  Most ships from Asia on the way to Seattle stopped in Port Townsend to pay taxes, give the sailors a break and restock supplies.  Taxes, sailors, and lots of businesses that cater to sailors makes Port Townsend an ultimate destination a 130 years or so ago.  Things were looking great, then a depression hit the US, the the railroad realized how hard and expensive it was to get trains to the city, and realized Seattle had a good seaport and was a lot easier to send train tracks to so Seattle became the next big thing.  

The customs house is in great shape.  Not bad for a building from 1893.
They have a nice downtown decorated.  Perhaps this could be my next Christmas card photo?
Ferries from Whidbey Island serve the city.
Back to lunch.  I bet if I hang out here I might get a lunch to my suiting.  
So, how does one go about joining the salmon club? 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Gracias Drunk Fox

As my regular blog readers know I took a trip to find myself.  While I was out finding myself my dear friend Drunk Fox took over the blog.  I need to get him a gift as a way to say thank you.
It's winter so it's pretty cold.  I went on Pintrest to find some ideas for the fox who has everything, who is in rehab, and who loves chocolate.  I found a lot of different recipes and ideas for hot chocolate.
I don't know about hot chocolate in the slow cooker but it sure looks good. 
Hot chocolate smoothie? I wonder if it's low cal?
Disneyland's hot chocolate.  Yum.
I bet this is what Ben drinks at his house.  Do you think Ben has been to the Bistro De Paris?
Probably not the best idea for Drunk Fox.  

Eventually, I found these hot chocolate toppers to give to Drunk Fox.  It's a big marshmallow, chocolate and covered in sprinkles.  I hope he likes it. 
I have heard that Jerry and Ben always recommend a hot chocolate and a candy cane so I found a small candy cane to include in Drunk Fox's gift.
Now, I need to find Drunk Fox.  He seems to be "resting" but I can wake him up.
Drunk Fox was pretty groggy but he perked up when I gave him his hot chocolate care package.  I also snuck in some other artisanal hot chocolate and marshmallows.  I hope he likes it. 

Thursday, January 25, 2018

A visit with Santa

Hello Blog Pals,
A fresh and found Fox reporting live for his blog post.  I wanted to report on the cool holiday cards I got from my pals.
I know it's past the holidays but I was out and about finding myself and I didn't get a chance to get to the mail.
Do you recognize this art?  I always know when a letter comes from Jerry and Ben.  
They sent a cool card with a good looking bear on it.  My kind of card.  Thanks Jerry and Ben. 


Droopy and his gang sent a fun reindeer card.  This card has some glitter on it and we get a reflection on it from the Christmas tree.  Thanks Droopy, Patches, Spunky, and Grandpa Angus. 


A card came this afternoon and there is a bear on it!  

Ajdin, Uncle Tibbs, Parker (woof), Ms. Feathers, and Ooogie sent this cool card with a bear on it.  Thanks guys, I love how everyone in Ajdin's gang has different signatures (unlike Drunk Fox and I who have surprisingly similar signatures, go figure). 


A letter came from Canada today.  Looks like the Vancouver (BC, not Washington) post office has gotten their act together.  They probably hired a few stuffies to supervise and manage the mail delivery personnel.  
Sandy saw this badge and thought about me and the philosophical journey I took this year. 
The pin looks great on my winter scarf and says "May the forest be with you".  Thanks Sandy, it's perfect!

Thanks everyone for the cards.


After reading the cool cards from the gang I decided to get in line for a visit with Santa.  Now, Christmas is over, sigh, but that's OK because this Santa is working on Christmas 2018. 
After reading about Ajdin's experience waiting in line during Black Friday Santa Bear decided to enlist a reindeer to work security.
Not a bad turnout for Santa.  It seems that a squirrel, another reindeer, and little bear have started the line.   
Oh my, I need to get in line.  Drunk Fox is ahead of me and he takes hours with Santa.  I wonder if he will let me sneak in front? 
Wow, the line isn't even moving yet.  Apparently Santa Bear is on a break or something.  That's Ok, it will give me time to refine my list. 
My list:  snacks, trips, a new scarf, hiking book, dog treats (to keep Sequoia in line) and some new archaeology gear.  Yep,. that ought to do it for me this year.